Food trails are a means to pamper our insatiable sense of tasting delicacies Leh and its surroundings have to offer.

So here’s the list of Best cafes of Leh to visit with lip smacking food and delightful views of the snow clad mountains in high altitude desert of Ladakh in your next visit.

A mature tourism industry in this town makes this destination ever evolving and adapting all new trends of the tourism domain. From budget guest house, backpacking hostels to luxurious boutique hotels and experiential stays and cottages, it hosts plethora of options to satiate anyone’s every wish of the idea of a trip in the Himalayas.

The same maturity reflects in all aspects including food lovers. You’ll find every single cuisine you can find across the length and breadth of India. Gentle and humble nature of the region makes even foreigners feel like home when it comes to delicacies. Israeli, continental, European, American.. you name it and there’s a place to cherish as authentic as it can be.

  1. The Tibetan Kitchen– Exactly what the name stands for, The tibetan kitchen is the go to place for some authentic tibetan cuisine. Along with this, for people finding it difficult to adapt to the tibetan taste buds can also find north indian and chinese food items as well. One of the most famous cafes of Leh with simple and sober interiors will make you feel like a Tibetan native.
  2. Gesmo– Serene ambience, super friendly staff and delicious food is something to experience at Gesmo. You can order fresh German bakery and tandoori items with refreshing tea and cheesiest pizzas and relax here after a super hectic day. Gesmo never disappoints.
  3. Chopsticks noodlebar– Asian cuisine lovers,fret away! Your destination has arrived. Chopsticks noodle bar will serve you with some of the best thai curry and momos. The cafe does not even possess a refrigerator so you know your body is being filled with fresh and nourishing food.
  4. Bon Apetitet – My very personal favorite with some of the best scenic views and leisure food, you cannot not go to Bon appetit especially during the sunset hours. Not only your tummies but your soul shall be refreshed. The best way to treat yourself with a good meal here is to try their English breakfast menu.
  5. il Forno– Kebabs, pizzas, tandoori delicacies and what not, Il forno is the hub for all types of cuisines. You shall not miss the cafe while strolling along the busy lanes of the mall road.
  6. Neha Snacks– All the chaat lovers missing the spicy and chatpata north indian snacks in the terrain should definitely try this lip smacking chaat center. Ladakh has everything to satisfy your taste palette needs and neha snacks is must go to. Fill your tummies with some of the most amazing chaat varieties in the city.
  7. Bodhi greens / Bodhi Terrace– How could we miss the best cafe in town for all our health conscious travelers. Bodhi green provides you with some of the amazing views to look over the desert ranges with their rooftop seating.
  8. De Khambir – Terraveller’s support for women and their empowerment is never-ending, recommending a women-led cafe for the best local cuisine in town. The place makes you feel at home with their friendly staff and soul refreshing tibetan food. The must have dishes are Tsampa smoothie (roasted barley flour, local fruits and apricot), Dasthuk (soupy poridge), Cheesy egg Khambir.

We hope you have the time of your life and take care of the ecosystem while exploring the terrain as we have also taken care of your stomach needs with the best cafe recommendation. Terraveller believes in making the most of your travelling experience and also maintaining our clean environments. We hope you make yourself a responsible traveller. Happy journey! (tül-shü de bar shok)

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