Well, cuisine forms a very prominent part of any travelers journey. Just like one explores the destinations, its beautiful scenic sites or adventure zones, the food becomes an essential element. Imagine, going to a new country where every street and corner has delicious flavour drawing you towards it. Vietnam is one such country, where not only its exotic restaurants but even the little stalls on the street could tempt your tastebuds. Vietnamese food, like many parts of India, considers rice to be their staple diet. Noodle and what is known to us as ‘pho’ is usually what is consumed as a snack or for breakfast. Usually garnishings are lemon grass, coriander, shallots, ginger, mint, saffron and such herbs with a base of coconut milk that usually gives it its rich flavour. The most prominent seasoning in Vietnam is ‘Nuoc Mam’, a fermented brown fish sauce that adds flavour to most of their delicacies.  Here, today we will check out a few must try dishes of Vietnam on your tour.

Cam Tam – This amazing dish is a popular street food in the city which is a combination of barbecued meat served with steamed rice and fried egg. The very idea of having this sumptuous meal at the lowest of cost is a must for every non-vegetarian.

Nom Hua Chuoi – If you really need a little snack in between your tour, you must definitely try their banana flower salad- an excellent option for vegetarians to try something new, healthy and yummy. It is one of the most nutritious recipes to be eaten as a snack.

Banh Mi – Walking through the streets and want something to munch on? Well, you can definitely indulge into this amazing munchie which is a baguette sandwich with greens and your choice of stuffings that suit your palate and a fresh hot omelette. Have it once, and you are definitely going to come home and want to have it again.

Bun Bo – Famous in Hue, is this country wide relished soup of noodles and meat sold in most street stalls and restaurants. The simmering soupy warmth and the beautiful soothing breeze is a must experience on your day in Hue.

Ground Meat – If you are a food lover and want to explore the cuisine, you must try the preparations made with ground meat. Right from ‘Banh Cuon’- a steamed rice-flour ravioli filled with minced meat (different meat and seafood as an alternative), black mushrooms and bean sprouts to Hanoi’s Bun cha- small cute hamburgers of meat barbecued on an open charcoal brazier served on a bed of cold rice noodles with greens and sweet/tangy sauce.

Banh Khoai – Vietnam does respect its vegetarian visitors and tempts their taste buds as well. If you are a vegetarian, you must definitely try these flat pancakes accompanied by a plate of star fruit, green banana, aromatic herbs and rich peanut sauce.

French Bread – A new member to Vietnamese cuisine is the French bread, again a treat to the vegetarians. Made of wheat flour in the North and rice flour in the South, these baguettes are sliced open and stuffed with patty, soft cheese (ham on request) and pickled veggies.

Fritters – As most are aware, Vietnamese food also includes yummy banana or potato fritters to munch on as you stroll through the streets of the city enjoying your shopping.

So next time you plan a tour to savour your taste buds, definitely think about this amazing little strip of land in the South eastern edge of South East Asia where it is not just about Chao and Pho but a lot more!! And for that visit us and we will definitely help you plan your tour to Vietnam so you can indulge into pampering your taste senses and enjoy what this land has to offer. To connect with us, Click here or Visit us.

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