With the summers knocking at your doors and the heat outside ready to scorch you the moment you step out of your house, who doesn’t wish for some cool breeze, maybe a few cold water droplets that may just crawl down your face and arms, a cloudy sky that hides away the burning sun and a few lush green trees and grasslands where you can just bask without having to rush anywhere. Well, can’t be denied but the monsoons will soon be following the scorching heat but if you can’t wait for the monsoons to come to you, then why not go where the monsoons are!

Here are some amazing destinations where you can enjoy the monsoons and just sit back and relax in the fresh atmosphere without having anything to worry about. 

  1. Lonavala (Maharashtra)– Lonavala is known to be destination that comes alive in the monsoons. The green landscapes brighten up as the rains approach and the lakes brim with water. The mesmerizing view from Tiger Point is a must see where your eyes see only greenery till the horizon. Explore the local Marathi cuisine and indulge in some amazing ‘chikkis’ or sweet maple syrup.
  2. Mount Abu (Rajasthan)– Despite being a hill station in a desert, Mount Abu is a monsoon attraction to many. It indeed does receive much less rainfall compared to other hill stations in country but that is the best part! You can visit Mount Abu and witness the change in the landscape. The beauty of this is the pleasant cloudy weather and yet going outdoors won’t be a problem. The scenic beauty amidst the misty mountains is a feast to the mind and worth an experience.
    mount abu
  3. Coorg (Karnataka)– There is no better time to visit this Tropical paradise than the monsoons. Coorg is blanketed with aromatic spice and tea/coffee plantations that make some enchanting views in the rainy season. All you need to do is sit at your chair by the green bushes and relax in some hot tea or coffee that may have just come from the garden beside you
  4. Aruku valley (Andhra Pradesh)– Few hours from the coastal capital of Andhra Pradesh, hides this beautiful hill station, home to some aromatic coffee plantations in India. Driving into Aruku, you will be welcomed by coffee bushes and freshly cooked street side bamboo recipes. A must experience. This little hill station is a home to rich Indian coffee and a beautiful museum of how your coffee reached your cup! If you don’t have a too long holiday, you know where you can get going!
    Araku valley
  5. Chikmanglur (Karnataka)– Chikmangulur is one of the hidden gems of the Western Ghats. It’s a home to some beautiful winding lakes, mystic green meadows, expanse coffee plantations and hidden valleys. It gives some astonishing views in the monsoons which is just not worth a miss. It also homes the highest peak of Kartanaka- Mullayangiri.
  6. Khajuraho-Orchha (Madhya Pradesh)– This beautiful historical town of Madhya Pradesh changes its colour in the monsoons. From being dry brown to exotic green, Khajuraho and Orchha are worth a visit in the monsoon along with visiting for their rich and cultural heritage. A few kilometres away are the Raneh falls and Pandav Falls that froth and foam in the monsoons. Don’t miss the Ken Ghariyal Sanctuary!
  7. Wayanad (Kerala)– Popularly known to experience two sets of monsoons, Wayanad, June to August and October to November, Wayanad is lashed by rains and thunderstorms. If you are a traveler who wants to experience the thrill, you should definitely visit Wayand during the second monsoon set i.e; October and November. The humidity goes low but the greenery and fresh air still remains. The ever-stretching landscapes of green plantations stretch for as far as your eyes can see.
    Wayanad Kerala
  8. Pondicherry (Tamil Nadu)– Bored of cliché coasts and fast café lives, then here you go. Pondicherry is calm and peaceful location at the onset of monsoons. It has the perfect combination of history, culture and beaches! The monsoons make your visit pleasant is this coast and then the French vibes of the place is just the icing of the cake. Mind you, Pondicherry is ideal during the onset of monsoons but you need to choose your dates carefully or else a cyclone may be on its way to join you!!
    Pondicherry (Puducherry)
  9. Ranikhet (Uttarakhand)– Made popular by the Aamir Khan-Karishma Kapoor starrer Bollywood movie ‘ Raja Hindustani’ this like hill station sparks with life during the monsoons. It has a graceful imperial and colonial touch that just cannot be ignored not to forget the religious temples devoted to Goddess Durga.

Monsoons are just not about worrying about road blocks, cyclones and storms but making the right choices and get going to pleasing places. Don’t forget to always keep and umbrella or a raincoat while travelling in the monsoons. If any of these places thrill you to get out of your jam packed city and slushy roads in the monsoons to somewhere of peace and soothing calmness, just gives us a shout here and we will plan your trip according to your preference. If not just give us a tap and visit us

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