When you wish to take a break from your hectic lifestyle to dissolve yourself in the serene air surrounded by surreal glacial springs, Tirthan valley is the place to be. While the valley takes care of your soul and maintains your calm, here are a few handpicked places we have for you that will satiate your tummies as well.

Near Mall road

When near Mall Road or around, you can visit some of the Cafes as mentioned below,

The Corner House: Culinary Excellence

Situated in the heart of Mall road, The Corner House stands out for its fusion of flavors and innovative dishes. The cozy, rustic setting complements the diverse menu that includes everything from Israeli Shakshuka to Indian Butter Chicken. The Corner House is a testament to the culinary diversity that characterizes Manali.

Super Bake: Where Baked Goodies Steal the Show

If you have a sweet tooth or a penchant for freshly baked delights, Super Bake is the place to be. Located near Mall Road, this bakery is celebrated for its mouthwatering pastries, cakes, and a variety of baked goods. From croissants to muffins, Super Bake offers a tempting array of treats that will satisfy any dessert craving. The cozy seating area provides a perfect spot to enjoy your baked delights with a cup of coffee.

Johnson’s Café: A Culinary Retreat in the Heart of Manali

Situated in the bustling Mall Road area, Johnson’s Café is an epitome of warmth and charm. The café’s interiors exude a cozy vibe, complemented by a menu offering a variety of dishes ranging from Tibetan to European. The momos here are a local favorite, and the apple crumble serves as a perfect sweet ending to your meal.

Satyam Pure Veg: A Vegetarian Delights for comfort food

For those seeking a purely vegetarian culinary experience with a local touch, Satyam Pure Veg is a standout choice. Situated in the heart of Manali, this restaurant offers a menu that highlights the rich vegetarian traditions of the region. From traditional Himachali dishes to North Indian favorites, Satyam Pure Veg caters to the diverse palates of its patrons. The vibrant and welcoming atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience.

Chopsticks: Savoring Oriental Delights in Manali

Craving some Oriental flavors amid the mountains? Head to Chopsticks, a popular restaurant in Manali known for its delectable Chinese and Tibetan cuisines. The cozy interiors and the aroma of steaming dumplings create a welcoming atmosphere. The Chicken Momos and Vegetable Manchurian are must-try dishes.

Uphill Old Manali

If you are in Old Manali or going uphill, you can peep into the cafes and restaurants listed below for a break on your climb or just relax and watch the bustling crowd buzz around!

Drifters’ Café: Blissful Views and Delectable Bites

Perched on the banks of the Beas River, Drifters’ Café offers a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. The outdoor seating, coupled with a menu featuring organic and locally sourced ingredients, creates an eco-friendly and enjoyable dining experience. Don’t miss out on the Trout Fish and Walnut Brownie for a truly satisfying meal.

The Lazy Dog Lounge: Unwind with Good Food and Good Vibes

For those seeking a laid-back atmosphere and delectable food, The Lazy Dog Lounge is an ideal choice. With its rooftop seating providing stunning views of the Himalayas, this café is perfect for unwinding. The diverse menu includes everything from wood-fired pizzas to Tibetan Thukpa, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

Olive Garden: A Tranquil Oasis of Flavors

Located away from the bustling main streets, Olive Garden is a tranquil oasis that offers a unique dining experience. The outdoor seating amidst lush greenery and the serene ambiance create a perfect setting for a leisurely meal. Known for its Mediterranean-inspired dishes, the restaurant’s specialties include grilled kebabs, pasta, and a variety of salads.

Café Amigos: Mexican Delights in the Himalayas

Diversifying the culinary landscape of Manali, Café Amigos brings the flavors of Mexico to the mountains. This cozy café, located in Old Manali, offers a variety of Mexican delicacies, from burritos to quesadillas. The vibrant colors and the lively atmosphere make it a refreshing stop for those looking to spice up their culinary journey.

Sunshine Café: A Healthy Haven for Conscious Eaters

For health-conscious individuals seeking organic and vegetarian options, Sunshine Café in Old Manali is a haven. The menu features a variety of salads, smoothie bowls, and vegan dishes, all made with locally sourced ingredients. The peaceful ambiance and the emphasis on sustainability make it a favorite among mindful eaters.

Rocky’s Cafe: Where Adventure Meets Appetite

For those seeking a culinary adventure coupled with an adrenaline rush, Rocky’s Cafe is a must-visit. Nestled in Old Manali, this café caters to adventure enthusiasts returning from treks and expeditions. The menu boasts hearty portions of international and local dishes, with the yak cheese pizza and apple pie being standout favourites.

Dylan’s Toasted and Roasted Coffee House: A Haven for Coffee Aficionados

For coffee lovers seeking the perfect brew, Dylan’s Toasted and Roasted Coffee House is a hidden gem. Located in Old Manali, this café boasts a cozy ambiance and a menu dedicated to a variety of coffee concoctions. From espresso to flavored lattes, Dylan’s ensures that every sip is a journey into the world of rich, aromatic coffee.

Near & Around Hadimba Temple

The below listed cafes are worth a visit after a tiresome walk around this beautiful place hidden away among sky-aspiring trees

Il Forno: A Slice of Italy in the Himalayas

You must have been familiar with Il forno cafe from our “8 best cafes in Leh Ladakh” blog.Craving authentic Italian cuisine amid the mountains? Il Forno, located in Old Manali, closer to Hadimba Temple, is the answer. Known for its wood-fired pizzas, handmade pasta, and a selection of fine wines, this restaurant brings a slice of Italy to the Himalayan region. The cozy interiors and the aroma of freshly baked bread add to the overall experience.

Green Forest Cafe: Where Nature Meets Cuisine

True to its name, Green Forest Cafe is a charming eatery surrounded by lush greenery. Located near Hidimba Devi Temple, the café provides a serene escape for those looking to enjoy a meal in a natural setting. The menu features a blend of local and international dishes, with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

You’ll not find better tasting authentic momos and thukpa anywhere else across Himachal. (Well that’s my personal opinion)

On the left bank

Fat Plate: A Culinary Haven for Food Connoisseurs

As the name suggests, Fat Plate is a paradise for those with hearty appetites. Situated near Mall Road, this restaurant is celebrated for its generous portions and a menu that spans a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Continental, and Chinese. The warm and vibrant interiors add to the overall dining experience.

Naggar castle : Regal Dining Amidst Heritage

For a dining experience steeped in history and regal charm, Naggar Castle is a must-visit. Located in the quaint town of Naggar, just a short drive from Manali, this castle-turned-hotel boasts a restaurant with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The menu features a mix of Indian, Himachali, and international cuisines, making it a perfect spot for those looking to dine like royalty.

German Bakery: European Flavors in the Himalayas

Situated in Old Manali, the German Bakery brings a taste of Europe to the Himalayan mountains. Known for its freshly baked bread, pastries, and breakfast options, this bakery is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The cozy ambiance and the aroma of freshly baked goods create a delightful setting for a leisurely breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Keylinga Inn – A Cozy Retreat for Culinary Explorations

Nestled in the heart of Manali, Keylinga Inn is not just a charming accommodation but also a haven for culinary explorations. The in-house restaurant offers a menu that blends local Himachali flavors with international cuisines. From traditional momos to continental delights, Keylinga Inn invites guests to savor a variety of dishes amidst a cozy and inviting ambiance.

Ruthay Bagad: A Quaint Hideaway

Standing tall near the Hamta pass road head which is the gateway to Lahaul, one of the most beautiful places to see in Manali, Ruthay Bagad is a quaint café that offers a peaceful escape from the bustling town. The menu features a variety of vegetarian dishes, with an emphasis on organic and locally sourced ingredients. The outdoor seating provides a perfect vantage point to enjoy the tranquil surroundings while savoring flavorful delights.

Kapital Lounge: Contemporary Vibes and Culinary Delights

For those seeking a blend of contemporary vibes and culinary excellence, Kapital Lounge in Old Manali is a trendy choice. The restaurant’s modern interiors and rooftop seating offer panoramic views of the mountains. The menu spans a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Italian, and Asian fusion, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

Near Bahang & Vashisht

Café 1947: Where Music Meets Mouthwatering Delicacies

Located on the banks of the Beas River, Café 1947 is a hotspot for both locals and tourists. The laid-back ambiance, live music performances, and an extensive menu featuring Indian, Italian, and Continental cuisines make it a must-visit. The wood-fired pizzas and the Chicken Stroganoff are highly recommended for a fulfilling experience.

Freedom Cafe: A Bohemian Haven for Food and Art

Located near Old Manali, Freedom Cafe is a bohemian haven that seamlessly combines art and gastronomy. The vibrant interiors adorned with local artwork set the stage for a unique dining experience. The menu features a mix of international and local dishes, with a focus on fresh and organic ingredients. Live music performances add to the eclectic atmosphere.

Rasta Cafe: Where Adventure Meets Culinary Delights

Nestled on the banks of the Beas River, Rasta Cafe is a popular spot for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. The open-air seating offers stunning views of the river and surrounding mountains. The menu includes a variety of dishes, from hearty breakfast options to wood-fired pizzas, making it an ideal pitstop for those exploring the scenic landscapes of Manali.

Wabi-Sabi Cafe & Bakery: Embracing Imperfections in Old Manali

True to its name, Wabi-Sabi Cafe & Bakery in Old Manali embraces imperfections, creating a charming and cozy ambiance. This café and bakery is known for its artisanal bread, pastries, and a menu that celebrates the beauty of simplicity. The warm and welcoming atmosphere invites patrons to relax and enjoy the carefully crafted delights.

Sher-e-Punjab: Authentic Punjabi Flavors in the Himalayas

For an authentic taste of Punjab in the Himalayas, Sher-e-Punjab is the go-to place. Situated in the heart of Manali, this restaurant offers a menu filled with classic Punjabi dishes, including tandoori specialties and rich curries. The vibrant and lively ambiance complements the hearty flavours, creating a dining experience reminiscent of the lively streets of Punjab.

Uncles Food Garage: A Culinary Pitstop for Comfort Food

Located near Mall Road, Uncles Food Garage is a culinary pitstop for those in search of comfort food. The menu features a variety of dishes, from burgers and sandwiches to Indian street food favourites. The casual and laid-back atmosphere makes it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike looking for a quick and satisfying meal.

Manali’s culinary scene is as diverse as its landscapes, offering a delectable array of flavors to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re strolling through the bustling Mall Road or exploring the quaint lanes of Old Manali, these top cafes and restaurants promise not just a meal but a gastronomic journey that adds to the overall magic of this Himalayan paradise. From local favorites to international cuisines, Manali has it all, inviting you to savor the blend of flavors that define this culinary haven.

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