Who are we?

We associate ourselves as a Premium Travel Concierge, offering guidance and knowledge towards tourism and travelers by piloting you through the journey from a tourist to a traveller with Professional Travel Counselling- as we call it, on your upcoming journey! With over half a decade of experience in curating trips for all types of terrain travellers, we hope to answer all our ‘Terraveller’s’ travel plan concerns to ensure great travel experiences!

Why Terraveller?

Over two decades ago, we embarked on a remarkable journey that transformed from a simple trekking enthusiast’s dream into a thriving premium travel concierge, specialising in experiential journeys and responsible travel. In the early days, our founder’s love for nature and adventure led him to explore the breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas. It was during these treks that the seeds of a grander idea were sown.

Recognising the potential to share these extraordinary experiences with the world while preserving the environment, our founder, an young lad, Mr. Tosh Thakkar decided a transition from a trekker to becoming tour organiser. Thus in 2016, our company was born, initially offering eco-friendly trekking and adventure tours in the Himalayan region.

As the years went by, our commitment to responsible travel practices and our dedication to creating meaningful experiences for our clients set us apart in the industry. We partnered with local communities, supported conservation efforts, and ensured that our tours left minimal ecological footprints.We ventured into other breathtaking regions of India, uncovering hidden gems and crafting unique travel experiences. Our dedication to responsible travel practices remained unwavering, as we continued to prioritise sustainability, cultural immersion, and environmental preservation in all our tours.

Today, our company stands as a symbol of responsible travel, offering a portfolio of carefully designed experiences that allow travellers to connect with nature, immerse themselves in diverse cultures, and leave a positive impact on the destinations they visit. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices, community engagement, and sustainable tourism remains at the core of our operations.

We have grown into a renowned travel concierge, helping travelers embark on journeys that are not only memorable but also leave a lasting legacy of responsible and ethical travel. With the eye of a perfectionist, we stay true to our mission of creating extraordinary experiences that benefit both travelers and the planet.

For Our Travellers

We believe in our travellers and understand that each of our travellers have unique preferences. We make sure that your preferences are given utmost importance and your trip is sculpted keeping every minute requirement in consideration. We offer premium guidance on various geographical locations. To connect with us for a specially customised tour, reach us here. To check out what we already have in store, visit us

What we do?

Hear you out patiently with attention to detail.

  • Research on what will suit your choices
  • Give you realistic advises and true promises
  • Design your tour plan
  • Execute you plan with the best services

And we don’t just stop here….

  • We coordinate with you on ground till you are back home
  • Handle all possible hiccups that you may face on trip (assuring you, we usually don’t need to but we’ve got your back if need be..)
  • Check on you once you are back home. Happy you makes Happy us!

For Tour Operators

If you are a tour operator and love the idea of travel as much as we do, we would love to connect with you and know more about you. To partner with us, click here

For Strategic Partners

If you are a travel/ tour operator or a property owner looking forward to announcing the beauty of tourism to all potential travellers, you have knocked on the right door. We attempt to set up a collaboration with all travel/tour operators and property owners where you can tell the world what you have to offer through terraveller.com and get some amazing clients.

You could Be a

  • A travel agent
  • A property owner in a beautiful destination
  • A guide with special interest
  • Conduct educational tours for all levels
  • A trekking company
  • Outdoor programme trainer

tours & travel your way

private & individual tours

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group & family tours

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tailor-made special tours

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