When you wish to take a break from your hectic lifestyle to dissolve yourself in the serene air surrounded by surreal glacial springs, Tirthan valley is the place to be. While the valley takes care of your soul and maintains your calm, here are a few handpicked places we have for you that will satiate your tummies as well.

Reverberate cafe- For a holistic experience of cuisines native to Tirthan Valley, travelers should most certainly engage a meal at the Reverberate cafe; a tiny paradise residing in Gadagushaini region. Featuring various iterations of culinary prowess, Reverberate cafe offers it all ranging all the way from Indian to Israeli; the cafe offers a multitude of experiences to dive into. A must visit for many; Reverberate cafe stands testament to the ideals of the region while sporting its wide range of foods and beverages.

Mazel tov- Mazel Tov features a vast variety of different packages that cater one each and every need their customers propose. Ranging all the way from  breakfast buffets to gourmet dinners, Mazel Tov sports a multitude of benefits for its customers regardless of the calling. Being in a central area, Mazel Tov is a hub for anyone looking to stay and reap the benefits of the region in its entirety. 

Great himalayan cafe- A great hub for everyone with a taste for Himachali cousines and jolly experiences, The Great Himalayan Cafe offers to its customers the greatest service of all; after hour drinks. For anyone choosing to wind down after a long day of work, the cafe offers a serene location, backdrop and beverages for the perfect night. The chefs being locals adds to the authenticity of the restaurant, promising its customers a real taste of what Himachali cuisine has to offer.

Thepahadians cafe and stay-  For a perfect blend of comfortable staying and gourmet food, Thepahadians Cafe and Stay is the prime spot for the folk looking to get a glimpse of the tirthan region. Sporting a variety of delicately handled foods and beverages, the Cafe and Stay provides top notch experiences for its customers, providing them with full insight on life in Himachal. 

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Icy spice- Although you may not encounter a lot of 5 star cousines in Tirthan, travelers will often settle for getting a taste of the culture and traditions that surround this area. Local food stations such as Icy Spice are famous for providing tourists with exceptional snippets of the life Tirthan Valley has to offer; one which many will come to admire.

The lost cafe and stay- For residents pursuing an on site restaurant with free parking privileges, a vast multitude of dishes and beverages are presented in the breakfast menu. The location also provides you with some of the best views over the hills as well as the garden area maintained by the staff at the property.  Along with scenic views, the cafe also offers a variety of on site activities along with hiking and trekking.

Cafe stories n’ more- In experiencing exquisite delicacies such as the Jacket Potato, Stories n’ more is the perfect pit stop for travelers looking to enjoy special home cooked cousines. Ranging all the way from Indian, Continental and even Chinese; Stories n’ more offers all these delicacies, plus more. A great pit stop to be added to anyone’s itinerary; Stories n’ More stands true to its image and standards to this day.

We hope the article helped you in being able to easily locate some must visit cafes for your excited stomachs.It is time to reward them with the meals from these places. 

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