Did your Abba finally agree to the much awaited trip to Goa that you have been making for years now? Well then allow us to help you a little more in making the most of this trip because what your abba does not allow you for another trip. Listed in this article below are some of the most offbeat places in Goa that can make you embrace the true essence of Goa along with the party culture. 

Velsao beach– Velsao lies on the southern coast of Goa and  is one of the most isolated and remote beaches where you may be able to experience the true meaning of tranquility. The fresh sea smell and sandy breeze may leave you completely refreshed once you visit here, not to mention some of the most beautiful scenic views and sunsets to catch. One might be perplexed and imagine themselves to be at an island in Bora Bora or a Hawaiian beach Feel free to be your true self and make the most out of this trip.

Devil’s canyon– Located in the Mollem national park, Devil’s Canyon may send a chill to your spine once you reach this spot. If lucky enough, you may even get to sight see some of the most ferocious wild animals on your journey towards the Canyon. Some people still believe to experience spooky energies when in the vicinity. The local people believe as the lore goes that devils who used to manage the natural resources in the canyon have cursed it due to dishonesty on the part of a fisherman who asked the devils for fishes from the canyon to feed his guests but ate them himself. 

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Cabo the rama– Always fascinated by that one scene in Dil chahta hai as the three protagonists spend their best life living in Goa at this place where they overlook the sea below. You can now live your much awaited bollywood moment here. Cabo the Rama is an ancient fort which finds itself in the ruins now. It is quite a drive from the main city of Goa towards the southern coast in the Concana district. 

Kayaking– You may come across a lot of opportunities to go kayaking in Goa. The best places, however, is to sail in the goan backwaters or some of the South Goa beaches like Vasco de Gama and Concana. The cost per adult may range from 1500-6000 and this mostly depends on where you choose to do the activity. 

Goan backwaters– The best activity to indulge in while visiting the backwaters of Goa is to experience the cruise sailing. If lucky enough, you may even get to watch the crocodiles lazing around. One of the most calming experiences is what makes the Goan backwaters a must visit place when in town. 

Grande Island– One of the best places to be in Goa, Grande island is famous for its scuba diving activities. The sea and the beach here feels so very clean and the blue and clear ocean may make you wanna dive right into it and feel the ultimate bliss. 

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Flea market in Anjuna– Flea market in Anjuna is open from 8:00 am to 12:00 am only on Wednesday. The market finds itself on the northern coast of Goa. There is no such entry fee for the market. One may even find some rare and hippie things at the market. Please make sure you do not disrespect the sellers or their products while bargaining for the goods.

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We really hope that these places, when added to your itinerary, will make your trip more memorable and exciting. We hope you stay safe and enjoy each and every moment to the fullest while you are at it. Being alive while being truly present in the moment may allow you to experience some of the life’s most altering and blissful moments. 

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