Mazel tov- Mazel Tov features a vast variety of different packages that cater one’s each and every need their customers propose. Ranging all the way from breakfast buffets to gourmet dinners, Mazel Tov sports a multitude of benefits for its customers regardless of the calling. Being in a central area, Mazel Tov is a hub for anyone looking to stay and reap the benefits of the region in its entirety.

Sushine Himalayan cottage cafe- A great hub for everyone with a taste for Himachali cuisine and jolly experiences, The Great Himalayan Cafe offers to its customers the greatest service of all; after hour drinks. For anyone choosing to wind down after a long day of work, the cafe offers a serene location, backdrop and beverages for the perfect night. The chefs being locals adds to the authenticity of the restaurant, promising its customers a real taste of what Himachali cuisine has to offer.

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Reverberate cafe- For a holistic experience of hillside cuisine native to Tirthan Valley, travelers should most certainly engage a meal at the Reverberate cafe; a tiny paradise that falls native to the Gadagushaini region. Featuring various iterations of culinary prowess, Reverberate cafe offers it all, ranging all the way from Indian to Israeli; the cafe offers a multitude of experiences to dive into. A must visit for many; Reverberate cafe stands testament to the ideals of the region while sporting its wide range of foods and beverages.

Thepahadians cafe and stay- For a perfect blend of comfortable staying and gourmet food, Thepahadians Cafe and Stay is the prime spot for the folk looking to get a glimpse of the tirthan region. Sporting a variety of delicately handled foods and beverages, the Cafe and Stay provides top notch experiences for its customers, providing them with full insight on life in Himachal.

a few more ..

  • Raju Bharti Guest House and Cafe – for budget stay and good food preferred by local backpackers
  • Café Old School Jibhi
  • Asha Homestay rooftop café/ Hope Café
  • Conifers Feast Café and Cottages
  • Café Jungle Valley In Jibhi
  • JD (Jibhi Delight Café)
  • The Shiva Valley Restaurant and Café Jibhi
  • Mother’s Café by Peppy Nomads Jibhi
  • Café Feri Bhettola In jibhi
  • Himalayan Trout House Cafe – This cafe is known for its fresh trout dishes and stunning views of the river.
  • Pema Thang Guest House and Restaurant
  • Jibhi Heights Cafe
  • The Pink Panther Jibhi
  • Mudhouse Cafe
  • Enzo’s coffee house

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