Jim Morrison cafe– Jim Morrison is one of the most authentic cafes in Kasol. It is very famous for its hippie crowd amongst other cafes in the region. You may be able to avail Israeli and Indian cuisines, their food is something to die for! The interiors are very simple but upbeat. The sitting arrangement however is not the classic table chair. The visitors are supposed to sit down on the floor to eat with the table and cushion being provided. 

Shiva shanti cafe- This cafe may seem to be very simple and sober, however, the best part about being able to overlook the parvati river stream flowing below the cafe. This also provides accommodation to the guests in their hotel rooms which are not located that far from the Cafe. You may also be able to get some of the best views of the mountains and the river stream from Shiva shanti. 

Little Italy inn – Just like Jim Morrison, Little Italy is also famous for its hippie crowd. This place also has a bar counter with comparatively cheaper rates in the restaurant as an added bonus to the cafe. It is one of the high-end bar restaurants which provides you with some of the great food options.

Riverview cafe-  The best time to visit the riverview cafe is usually during the tea time to grab some snacks and some of the best cups of tea. This place allows you to not only enjoy the mountainous blend of the tea but to ravish it with the stream flowing nearby. This is one of the peaceful spots in Kasol. 

Pink Floyd cafe-  Be ready to experience some of the best views from here. Sometimes all you need is your hot cup of beverage, your comfort meal and the sitting spot at this cafe overlooking the hills and clouds in front. 

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Stone garden cafe- Maybe a cafe with some of the best nursery around the entrance is what you need sometime to chill and let go of your worries and stone garden cafe is the perfect place for you to be at. The place has Indian and Israeli cuisine food to offer with some of the most trippy ambience to offer. 

Freedom cafe- the place for everything, it is here. Freedom cafe is a part of the hostel called “pirates of parvati”. This place can make you delighted by their architecture and interiors, not to exclude the absolutely delicious food at the cafe and your cozy stays. 

We hope you reconsider these places and this trip turns out to be one of the most memorable trips for you. Remember to stay safe and be a good citizen. Terraveller encourages you to to be a responsible traveler and not hamper the ecosystem. 


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