Shimla- Do you dread when you hear the name of Shimla, the place where your parents would take you whether it is a month long vacation or for even a weekend getaway. I am pretty sure this mutual feeling would exist in most of you, but you would still somehow never deny going to the city as well. Well, that is the beauty of these hills and tranquility and bustling tourists that coexist in Shimla. Today, we have some of the best cafes that you can find in Shimla which may bring back your old parental memories. If not, it is never too late to explore!

Best cafes in shimla

  1. Café Shimla times– The dual seating (indoor and outdoors) of this cafe is definitely a plus one factor. The scenic views from here are splendid and the indoor seating will make you so cozy that you may never want to step out of here. The best way to enjoy this cafe is with a cup of coffee and delicious desserts.

  2. Cafe Sol– When near Johnnie’s wax museum and you crave some italian cuisine, Cafe sol is a must visit. This spacious seating of the cafe makes you have all your privacy and lets you enjoy your meals with all the comfort. 

  3. Hideout Cafe– Another very accessible cafe with super friendly staff, Hide out cafe has some great soul filling food for you. The most loved things here are their white sauce pasta and chicken tikka.
  4. Cafe Under Tree– Ever romanticized your life in a way to imagine yourself having meals and spend time with friends and family in a treehouse? Cafe under tree is here to make your dream of being in a treehouse come true. Their interior and wooden furniture makes this cafe one of the most liked places to eat in shimla.  

  5. Indian Coffee House One of the oldest and frequently visited by tourists, Indian coffee house sells the best of what it promises. This place should really be on your must visit list whenever you visit Shimla. 
  6. Wake and Bake Café– The multicuisine, wake and bake cafe is one of the bestselling cafes for its falafel and humus and pita. Their dishes feel very authentic when it comes to international taste buds. Very easily accessible and located on the infamous Shimla mall road, this cafe deserves a visit by you at least once. 
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  7. Honey Hut– Having some intense post meal dessert cravings? Then it is maybe the time to rush to Honey hut. The fresh desserts and breads here make you devour every bite of your food. The staff at the counter is super helpful. This place can make you leave with some happy tummy smiles. 

  8. Cafe Argyle House– Functioning inside of a 150 year old british building, Argyle house is another must visit cafe for their soul fulfilling food.. 

We hope the article helped you in being able to easily locate some must visit cafes for your excited stomachs.It is time to reward them with the meals from these places. 


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