Are you too bummed with your heavy work schedule and just want to go far away from all your worries? We have some of the best getaway places near Delhi that you could run away to for a long weekend.


About- Neemrana is mostly famous for its fort along with the Sariska national park. It is quite the place for you to take a small trip while you’re on the roads even if it is for a day. To have the most fun, it is usually recommended to visit the region from August to March to avoid the hot climate. 

Location- Neemrana is just 122 kms away from Delhi, located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, makes it a perfect one day getaway place to be. 

What to do- The best thing about Neemrana is that you may very well be able to find all types of places to stay ranging from budget friendly hostels and hotels to five star and lavishly exquisite hotels. Other than this, the Neemrana fort finds itself as a grande brick structure built in the 15th century. The visitors are advised to visit the palace that now serves as the oldest resort at least once in their lifetime to experience the what it means to be a “Rajasthan Royals” 


 One of the best off beat escape places especially if you are a mountain person. The serenity and peace that you will be able to find here is unmatchable, not to exclude some of the best views and sunset you get to catch here. This place may even give you a hint of Leh Ladakh as you keep exploring uphill. 

Location- Rohru is a district located 115 kms from the main city of Shimla, Himachal pradesh. 

Things to do- One of the top places to visit when in Rohru shall be trekking to Chander nahan lake. This trail will leave you with some of the most mind blowing scenic views and the lake in itself will feel magical. Another place to explore here is the Pabbar valley. The trail to both these places are quite strenuous and rocky so make sure you have some sport shoes of good quality  in store for this trip


 These unexplored and secluded hills in the region of Uttarakhand makes you feel as if you have entered a live painting of the hills. The weather is not even chilly so you can make the most of the place for your perfect getaway. 

Location-  Lansdowne is just 280 kms from Delhi in the state of Uttarakhand. 

What to do – It is advised to take a trip to Lansdowne in the monsoon season to experience the region in its full glory. Other things that you can indulge yourself in while traveling here is to take part in trekking activities, do some boating in the Bhulla taal. Lansdowne is also a home for many exotic flora fauna so you could even laze around and do some bird watching in the region. 


Shoghi is another suburb town in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. It is, too, one of the towns where you can successfully escape the crowded main city of Shimla. The best part about this place is that you could visit the town anytime of the year and still get to experience the pleasant weather throughout. 

Location-  Shoghi is just 328 kms away from Delhi and the best way to reach here would either be via car road trip or even train. The nearest railway station would be Kalki. 

What to do- The best way to spend time in Shoghi is to just laze around and surround yourself in the slow and serene life in the town as you absorb the nature around you. The other places you could visit are the temples in the region, Tara devi temple, Hanuman temple and Kali temple. For our historical enthusiast, paying a visit to the Viceregal lodge might also turn out to be very blissful. 

Pithoragarh– Very famously known as “little Kashmir”, Pithoragarh is a district in the state of Uttarakhand in the Kumaon division. The place proves itself to be the best for a weekend retreat. A lot of pilgrims towards the holy shrines of Kailash and Mansarover also begin from here. The best part about Shoghi is that you even get the view of the snow capped himalayan ranges. 

Location- Pithoragarh might be a little far from most of the other mentioned places. 500kms from Delhi, the best way to reach Pithoragarh is to have a road trip to experience one of the most serene trails. 

What to do- To make the most out of this place, traveling around the countryside and paying visits to the village might turn out to be a very cathartic activity while you are at it. Other things you could do in the region is pay a visit to the temples and do trekking. Paragliding is also an option while you are in the region. 

We hope the above article helps you as you take a getaway from your busy lifestyles and have a good time while you are at it.

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