12D Ladakh Exploration: Journey into the Heart of the Himalayas

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12 Days

UT Ladakh

Age : min 5 years

June to Sep

Cold, Dry, Windy, Sunny

Standard category - hotel / guest house, camp

Room + Breakfast & Dinner

About Ladakh Exploration

The Silk Route holds immense historical and cultural significance as one of the world’s most important and ancient trade networks which we are going to cover in Ladakh Exploration. Spanning over several millennia, it facilitated the exchange of goods, ideas, technologies, and cultures between the East and West.

Lets embark on this journey along this fabled Silk Route, tracing ancient trade routes and discovering the rich tapestry of Leh and its surroundings. Traverse the historic Silk Route, from the ancient monasteries of Kargil to the mystical landscapes of Nubra Valley. Ensure every moment resonates with the echoes of this historic trade route before your departure.

Highlights of Ladakh exploration

Leh, Indus and Zanskar Sangam, Magnetic hill, Gurudwara Patharsaheb, Shanti stupa, Leh Palace, Hall of fame, Alchi, Lamayuru, Mulbekh, Kargil, Drass war memorial, Khardung La, Nubra valley, Diskit monastery, Hunder sand dunes, camping, Bacterian camel ride, Shayok valley, Turtuk, Thang, Thoise, Durbok, Tangtse, Changthang, Pangong, Lukung, Spangmik, Maan, Merak, Chushul war memorial, Loma Bridge, Hanle, Nyoma, Mahe, Karzok, Tso moriri, Chumathang, Karu, Thiksey, Druk Padma Karpo (3 idiot school), fly back.

Suitable For

Adventurers, Mountain lovers, Group of Friends, Family, Students, Couples

Detailed Itinerary of Ladakh Exploration

Day 1 Arrival at Leh airport, Check in at Hotel

The very exciting beginning of the journey ahead starts today when you have travelled to Leh in the flight from your city.
Observing the tall, snow clad mountains of the Himalayas from the little window beside the seat of your airplane will surely make you wonder how it is going to be when you land in the heavenly region of Ladakh.

You’ve travelled from above a high altitude from the sea level or plains of India to one of the highest regions in India. It is noticeable that the oxygen level has changed drastically from 70% – 80% in the air to a whopping 4% to 7% as you land at the Leh airport.

A thing to keep in mind is that it’s not easy for your body to cope up with such thin air and low levels of oxygen to function as it has been when you were in the city or when you travel to other hill stations.

Which is why it is important for you to relax at the hotel today and get acclimatized for your 12 days Ladakh exploration trip. Trust me, it’s going to be demanding for your usual routine and physical fitness. Your Lunch and Dinner will be arranged here today so your body gets the rest it needs to acclimatize at a height of 11,000ft from Sea level in Leh city, the capital of Ladakh.

Day 2 Sightseeing in and around Leh

Kickstart your first day of Ladakh Exploration with a delightful breakfast, preparing you for an exciting day of exploration in Leh. Our trip takes us to the mesmerizing confluence of the Indus and Zanskar rivers, known as Sangam. Witness the unique spectacle of the two rivers, each with its distinct colors, converging in a breathtaking display of nature’s artistry.

We will visit Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, a Sikh shrine nestled amidst the rugged terrains of Ladakh. The Gurudwara houses a sacred stone that bears an imprint believed to be left by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. We will then head to the mysterious Magnetic Hill, where the laws of gravity seem to defy logic and then visit the Shanti Stupa, one of the 7 Buddhist Shanti Stupas in the world.

Our next destination is Leh Palace, a symbol of the region’s rich history. Explore the former royal palace, marvel at the architectural grandeur, and enjoy panoramic views of the town of Leh. We will also visit the Hall of Fame, a museum dedicated to honouring the Indian Army. Gain insights into the heroic acts and sacrifices of the armed forces. After we are done with the day, we will come back to our Hotel and spend the evening in leisure.

Overnight stay at Leh.

Day 3 Leh to Kargil via Alchi & Lamayuru

Today, on second day of Ladakh Exploration we start in the morning and proceed for Kargil from Leh. On our way we’ll en route Alchi & Lamayuru.

Alchi is a village located on the banks of the Indus river. The village houses the oldest monastery of Ladakh, the Alchi monastery. This monastery is a monastic complex and the views from it are splendid.

After spending some time over here, we will move towards Lamayuru.

In Lamayuru we will visit the Lamayuru monastery which is one of the oldest and largest of Ladakh and is also known as the “place for freedom” and the moonland of Ladakh.

Overnight stay at Kargil

Day 4 Kargil War Memorial & Return to Leh

Westward Ladakh exploration takes us from Kargil to Leh via Drass war memorial today.

Drass is known as the coldest place in India where the India Pakistan conflict was happened in 1999. We re-live the events through stories, news articles, pictures from archives, weaponry confiscated from the Pakistan army, our weapons used at the time and meeting the Bravehearts who maintain and guard the memorial who might be colleagues of the fallen or may be some of them served at the time or have come from the same regions where Pakistani forces occupied the bunkers.

The experience of getting so up close and personal to a big event of our history and learning about it, touching and feeling about it is an overwhelming memory in itself. After spending quality time at war memorial in Drass, we will return to Leh.

Day 5 Leh to Nubra valley

On our 5th day of Ladakh Exploration, we will start in the morning and travel to Nubra valley from Leh. On our way, we will en route Khardung La- the worlds’ second highest motorable pass in the world. In Diskit we will visit the Gompa Monastery, the Maitreya Buddha statue, the sand dunes and Nubra Valley.

  • Khandung La- Renowned as the second highest motorable passes globally, it holds a significant place in the hearts of adventurers and travelers alike. At an elevation of approximately 5,359 meters above sea level, Khardung La offers breathtaking panoramic views. However, its important to take precautions once you head there due to the high altitude.
  • Diskit Gompa Monastery- The Diskit Monastery, also known as the Diskit Gompa houses very popular ancient monasteries. The monastery is also home to a huge Maitreya Buddha statue which is built atop it.
  • Maitreya Buddha Statue- This gold plated statue is huge and faces directly towards Pakistan. The statue has been painted in different colours and one cannot stop adoring its beauty.
  • Sand dunes- The sand dunes of Diskit are the only place where you can see the astonishing Bactrian Camel. A Bacterial Camel is such that it has double humps and looks majestic. Also known as the Mongolian camel, the species respectively have faced extinction and are now back in nature.
  • Nubra Valley- Also known as the Valley of Flowers, Nubra valley is where nature has gifted beauty the most. One cannot imagine seeing a valley so dry yet full of colourful flowers. Not only is Nubra a treat for the nature lover but it is also a treasure box for the curious mind.

Overnight stay in Camps at Hunder.

Day 6 Hunder to Turtuk and back

Fuel up for an adventurous day as we embark on a journey from Hunder to Turtuk, exploring the enchanting landscapes and cultural gems on the northern most region of Nubra valley and our Ladakh exploration trip.

We will be visiting Thang (0 point – LOC if the army permits), a village situated at the Line of Control (LOC). The visit is subject to permission from the army, offering a unique opportunity to witness life in a village located at the border.

Next, we visit Thoise, home to an Air Force airport. Marvel at the strategic importance of this military installation and gain insights into the role it plays in safeguarding the region. The presence of the Air Force adds a layer of significance to the journey, emphasizing the security and strategic importance of this area.

After this, we head towards Bogdang, a medium-sized village in Nubra that provides a fascinating glimpse into the cultural tapestry of the region. Explore the local lifestyle, interact with the people, and absorb the unique blend of Gilgit and Baltistan influences.
After we come back to Hunder, we will have our dinner and spend the evening in leisure.

Overnight stay at Camp in Hunder

Day 7 Hunder to Pangong via Shyok

It’s bee a week to our Ladakh exploration. Today we will move towards Pangong via Shyok. We will enroute Durbok – a big army base, Tangste village which is highest tank ground in the world, Spangmik which is a village of just 7 families to reach Pangong. After that, we will enter the Changthang region of eastern Ladakh.

The name itself describes the landscape – flat land in all 4 directions “Chang Thang” where you find glacial water streams flowing across the region making the region lush green with grasses in summers. Attracting many animals like wild horses, wild ass, Blue sheep, ibex, wild goat, yak, herd of sheep and goat, himalayan red fox, Himalayan wolf and the cute Marmots.

Overnight stay at homestay/camp/cottage in Pangong (depending on package selection)

Day 8 Pangong to Hanle

8th day of Ladakh exploration, we will travel from Pangong to Hanle. It will not be an exaggeration if it’s said that the roads to Hanle are genuine definitions of rugged and rough. One starts to feel “when will this end” the moment the journey begins and then throughout.

In Hanle, we will visit the darkest village of India and witness the observatory which hosts the biggest telescope in Asia -Hanle/Anlay is a place with true bliss. Over here, stars get so clear and feel so close that you might be able to snatch a few from the sky and put ‘em in your pocket.

We will also meet and understand some technicalities and basics of how space research is done using the telescope over here from the Bangalore office.

After the eventful day, we will check- in at our hotel in Hanle and spend the evening in leisure.

Overnight stay at Hanle.

Day 9 Hanle to Tso moriri

After having a heavy breakfast on the 9th day of our Ladakh Exploration, we will move towards visiting the monastery which offers a magnificent view of the whole region from a vantage position.

The beautiful Changthang region is at its peak in this less/undisturbed route.
After strolling around at these places, we will head towards Korzok village which is nestled at the bank of Tso Moriri lake.

In the evening, we will visit the Tso Moriri lake herself. Also known as the mountain lake, the sights of this lake promises to take your breath away. Beyond expression, this lake is the true epitome of beauty. Located in the Changthang wildlife sanctuary, Tso Moriri is birthed and placed at a whopping altitude of 4595 metres above sea level.

Nestled amongst gigantic snow- clad mountains, this lake makes way of one of the most mesmerizing wonders of nature. Embellished with the reflection of the mountains on the water, the beauty of this lake is also enjoyed by the different migratory birds that fly all their way to feel the calm and the belongingness that this lake creates. A treat to every nature lover, the sights and aura around this lake will be a blessing finally attained.

After spending some time at the lake, we will head towards the Korzok village, check- in our stay and spend the rest of the evening in awe.

Overnight stay at Korzok village

Day 10 Tso moriri to leh

This Ladakh exploration takes us to Korzok village/ Tso Moriri and move towards Leh. On our way, we will visit Yumthang, Choglamsar, Druk Padma Karpo and the Thiksey Monastery.

Druk Padma Karpo- Also known as Druk White Lotus school, this school is located in a small village namely Shey. It was a part of the movie 3 Idiots and here is where Rancho studied. This school is no ordinary school as it not only teaches the syllabus but also teaches the life skills and caters to only the Ladakhi children.

Thiksey Monastery- Located on the top of a hill, Thiksey Monastery belongs to Gelukpa order of Buddhism. The monastery houses a temple and a few shrines. It also houses the most photographed and beautiful Maitreya Buddha statue.

Day 11 Leisure day in Leh

Today is buffer day. Today is your chance to define your own Ladakh exploration. You get the time to spend with yourself and your close ones without having to listen to anybody else. Shop around, hop on cafes and eat the tastiest meals, go bike riding or river rafting, do anything and everything that an explorer will do to take the charge of his/her trip. (All are optional activities and the cost of any activities/ rentals/ transport are not included in the package for today).

As we have come to know throughout this journey that Ladakh can be very moody, it is still too early for us to visit Ladakh while the weather has proven to be volatile and unpredictable. For instance, the moment you blink your eye to a picture perfect blue sky, you might open it to a harsh rainfall. Our ground team assures your safety and essential arrangements for stay and food throughout the trip and this one extra day can assure your safe returns with happy and great memories back home on the day your flights are booked.

It is for the buffer day that we can assure that you do not miss your flight back home tomorrow.

Overnight stay at Leh Hotel.

Day 12 Departure from Leh

After having a mouth- filling breakfast on the final day of Ladakh exploration, our trip comes to an end. We will fly back home with great memories which we created during our time in the Himalayas.

Inclusion of Ladakh exploration

  • Accommodation:
    • As package opted
    • All stays with base category of rooms unless mentioned otherwise specifically.
  • Food:
    • Breakfast & Dinner at Hotel (no breakfast on arrival day and no dinner on departure day)
    • Food will be simple and locally available freshly cooked.
  • Transport
    • Tourist vehicle on NON-Disposable Basis ( Depending on group size and your nature of booking. Vehicles like Scorpio / Innova / Force traveller
    • Reliable experienced local resident driver cum guide with intense knowledge of area, terrain, people and culture
    • Driver charges, Driver accommodation, fuel, inter-state toll
    • Transfers as specified in itinerary
    • Toll and Parking inclusive
    • Green fee or Environmental fee

Exclusion of Ladakh exploration

  • Meals other than specified
  • Camera fees, Monument entry charges, Rafting or other activities charges
  • All personal expenses, Optional Tours and extra meals
  • Medicine, Travel Insurance
  • Nubra, Pangong entry charges
  • Any Cost arising due to unforeseen circumstances, weather or natural calamity, political unrest etc
  • Travel charges to and from reporting point and end point ie any flight, train, bus charges
  • Porterage charges, tips, phone calls, laundry, shopping or any such personal cost
  • Additional usage of vehicle except mentioned in the itinerary
  • Cost of any other services which are not mentioned in inclusions
  • Any other charges which are not mentioned in inclusions
  • Taxes as applicable

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₹ 34,600/-

Per person Group cost (Download itinerary for details)

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