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Trip Fees

  1. Scheme A ie B2C - flat 10% deduction from the amount you specify
  2. Scheme B ie B2B - Keeping some buffer from their Published cost for package Seller/operator decides fixed charges they intend to receive. Giving some liberty to team Terraveller changing cost with time for discounts and sale.
  3. Scheme C (Limited period offer) -
    1. For NGO : The company reserves 5% commission from the amount specified by Strategic Partner for respective trip/package and credits rest of the amount as mentioned in Article 6(2)
    2. For Budget and short trips:** Any trip/package costing less than INR 1000/- and the trip duration is less than 3 days then it is eligible for 5% commission instead of 10 reserved by the company and rest amount will be credited in Strategic Partner’s account as specified in Article 6(2).

*You can change the cost of package as and when you wish to.. Send a request mail on : with Package name in subject and detail(s) in the body.

** If trip selected for Scheme C but doesn't fulfil the criteria, it automatically considered as Scheme A.

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