Terraveller the Travel Hub decided to contribute INR 50/- on each booking made for “Holi Celebration Events” hosted at Travel Hub for tree plantation this monsoon. Our team of experts and partner NGOs have been doing research since over a year exploring various region of Maharashtra specifically forts and surroundings.

Our strategic partners have been conducting nature trails, educational ecological trails, treks, archeological treks in the lap of Sahyadris since over a decade and for the love of born and raised exploring the region, collectively we have decided to study and contribute our strengths in every possible way for awareness and conservation.

Tree plantation database is created with biological study and observation of native plant species in different regions so same trees can be planted during the monsoon. The plantation is scheduled at the end of June for a reason so that the newly planted Trees, saplings firm their grip during the ongoing monsoon to assure the stability.

We’ve started doing our part. If you’d like to join hands then you may also contribute in any way possible. You may get in touch for details or reserve the seats from our Travel Hub.