I have this belief about cities that they are giant living, breathing creatures. Each one have their unique personalities, which is determined by the collective personalities of humans living in them, their culture, their food, the architecture and what nature has gifted her. You may or may not like a city, but you can’t stay un-opinionated about it. Just how you can come to know if you like or dislike a person in a brief interaction; same goes for a city. The person you like, may or may not accept you. City also does the same. You go to a new city and offer yourself to her. It’s upto her whether to accept or reject you. When she accepts you, you can feel the connection through the favours you start receiving.

My illicit affair with you, Kolkata was a very brief one. In spite of all your chaos and filth, I fell in love with you. The sluggish trams, yellow cabs, non air-conditioned underground metro, sun going down on Hooghly*, ferries criss-crossing the river, narrow bylanes of Esplanade, delicious kebabs, mouth watering sweets, colorful markets, remnants of colonial architecture. All of these making you a living, breathing creature – the river your heart and also your veins. I can’t do justice to you in a mere 4 day visit. All I have to say is Kolkata, ami tomake bhalobashi… do you?

*Hooghly gets its name from Bangla word for mad woman. It’s basically Ganga / Ganges river, but often the water flows reverse direction due to high tides in Bay of Bengal.