Allow the scene before you to take its effect – savour its special character. And put aside, For a while, whatever is on your mind.

We all know people who are very much at home with nature, who seem to fall in with its rhythms as soon as they set foot outdoors. All of us can be like this – capable of shedding the concerns of the workaday world. What it takes is concentration and practice. When a beautiful stretches before us, what is there to interfere with the pleasure of its colour and contour? Nothing, really, except our own unfamiliarity. We may feel a sense of wonder tinged with awe, and perhaps, a sense of regret at spending so little of our time doing this very thing.

Nature is not remote- limited to parks and wilderness areas. It is abundant and readily available, as close as your own garden. Nature is a year-round source of inspiration. Think of the light that filters through the new leaves in spring, and pungent scents of autumn. If you are dressed for it, a walk in the teeming rain can be strangely satisfying; perhaps it is a return to the feeling of joy you had as a child, splashing through puddles. A walk through snow covered woodland, where you are alone with the sound of the wind and the crunching of your own footsteps, may be very personal pleasure. Such simple things extend your sense of pervasiveness of nature.

Whether your journey is one of the discovery or rediscovery, there is infinite pleasure to be had in understanding the land, water and the skies around you.

Magic at dawn… morning mist begins to lift from a forest-rimmed lake, revealing the delicate tracery of the foliage in the foreground, yet still shrouding in mystery and enchantment the greed beauty beyond. The appeal of the sense is universal, timeless, like the wonder of nature in all its miraculous manifestations.


– “Joy of Nature”