Terraveller.com is a platform developed with a sole intention of uniting the forces of different people, organisations, intentions, ideas, cause into an effect. A ripple, to influence rest of the surface by its presence.

Terraveller.com is a hub where we welcome you all to share the info, skill, knowledge, experience and deed in any and all possible capacity you’d like to make our “home”, our planet a liv-able place for the next generation(s).

Terraveller is not a company, its not a person. It is an identity.

A person who wants to make a difference, wants to contribute to the community, society, humanity.. S/He is a Terraveller.

Travel Hub

Travel is one of the primary activity we started doing back when we were apes. Travel is genetically coded as the natural behaviour of a human being. First reason we travelled for was to hunt food, then better place for food and then reasons kept on changing and evolving with time that even today we travel despite of altering the entire existence of life on the planet to make the world more “suitable” place to live.

We travel even today, everyday.. to work, so we can “provide” for our selves and our family. We also travel on weekends to break the routine of our lives to feel better, fresh, to experience something new/different.

Travel is an insatiable need of humanity.

We’ve been travelling for many years now but the way we travel or the reasons we travel for have turned stale. With the Hub of Terraveller.com we intend to introduce a change in how and why we travel. Of course It has all the fundamental features a travel site may need ie multiple destinations, multiple packages for the respective destinations, ease of booking, cash-less transactions, avoiding hassle of visiting multiple websites and social media pages of reliable operators.

Anyone who travels for a meaningful purpose, is a Terraveller.

As the name suggests, it is a HUB where Operators and Travellers meet.

  • TRAVELLERS can explore and book their next destination.
  • TOUR OPERATORS can reach out to a global community of adventurous travellers and sell their packages online.


A deserted island amidst a lake, camping in a 50 feet deep canyon, cherishing breeze at the snow clad mountains, sipping herbal tea straight from tea garden or guitar session on a virgin beach — is that your idea of a holiday?

How about bungee jumping over the roaring Ganges or a sweet night’s sleep disturbed by roars of lions or a night lit by millions of fireflies?

Sounds awesome, right? We’re on a perpetual hunt for better experience.

Terraveller was started with the motive of enabling travellers to have such unique experiences. Explore tons of packages, compare them and book it from comfort of your cozy chair


Research from wide range of trips and destinations. Directly from the offices of operators.


Compare trips, destinations, features, services. Everything that you might have questions for.


Access of complete information about trips, destinations and operators.


Make easy online payment(s) with your credit/debit/RuPay cards, net banking and Digital wallets.

Towards Travel Hub

We set up an online store for you where you can tell the world about your packages. If you conduct –

  • Adventure tours: Trekking, Adventure camps, rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, Road trips, Water sports, Aerial Adventures etc.
  • Ecological tours: treks, safaris, excursions, nature trails, wild life safaris etc.
  • Local guided tours: archaeological walks, cycling trails, heritage walks etc.
  • Wellness tours: Yoga, Ayurveda, spa, workshops/seminars etc.
  • Corporate training programmes
  • School/College outdoor educational activities

Then you have reached the right platform!

You Get

Online Store

Listing upto 30 tours a year

48 Blog posts to reach out to community of travellers around the world. Express your thoughts, philosophies, stories, adventures, experiences and testimonials.


Sign up with us to list all your packages


Manage your online store with efficient dashboard and communication to make your life easier.


Real time Online sales of your shop in your Inbox. How cool is that..!

Reach Out

Make your company noticeable to the Global Community of travellers.